Truck mounted forklift and Moffett hire from Dorling Transport - the ideal HIAB alternative for palletised goods

We’ve been operating truck mounted forklifts since 1990. We run a fleet of modern Moffett forklifts comprising different machines with off-road ability and lift capacities of up to 2.5 tons. Read on for more information or contact us now on

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What is a Truck Mounted Forklift?

A Truck Mounted Forklift is a type of forklift that can be carried on the back of a lorry, without taking up load space.

Why use a Truck Mounted Forklift?

A Truck Mounted Forklift works in the same way as a normal forklift, but we bring it to you with the load.

This means that you can free up valuable time as our driver will do the loading for you.

For many jobs, using our Moffett service will save you having to hire a forklift and driver in, or allow your current forklift to be working elsewhere on site, saving you time and money.

We run a fleet of  Truck Mounted Forklifts with lift capacities of up to 2500kg, and off-road capability, as well as ’4-way’ machines that can convert to a side-loader at the flip of a switch to enable us to deliver long loads through gates and doors.

A Truck Mounted Forklift has several benefits over traditional self loading vehicles (HIABs/crane lorries/brick grabs etc) as it can work totally independently of the lorry, enabling us to put your goods right where you need them. They are lighter than cranes so the lorry can carry more weight. They are quicker for most loads as there is no need to sling items. They are safer than cranes as there is no need for the driver to get onto the load bed of the vehicle.

Our self loading service is available across the whole fleet, and our forklifts can be mounted on 45′ flat or curtainside trailers, or on 30′ ‘urban’ trailers for sites with restricted access. Our 45′ curtainside trailers are equipped with spread rear steering axles to aid access, minimise road surface damage and provide a smoother ride for your load.

Save hire & labour costs

We supply the forklift and the driver.

Minimise delays

The forklift arrives with the truck, ready to unload.

Happy customers

Deliver to customers with no offload facilities.

HIAB replacement

Deliver anywhere on a site, not just next to the truck.

Improve site safety

Removes the need for manual handling of loads.


Need more information?

Read our post on the benefits of truck mounted forklifts or contact us for a quote.